It’s been a while…

I haven’t been on Tumblr, let alone DeviantART, for quite some time. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll be using them much anymore period.

What I have been doing is working on my house. Andy and I finally have running water and moved in to our home. However, we still need to finish up the bathroom as well as the kitchen, and we also have to install a water heater and gas.

My health is doing better. I am now on 10mg (very low dose) of amitriptyline every night before bed. Originally, it was prescribed for IBS and fibromyalgia, but surprisingly it’s just enough to keep me from being “depressed” when my thyroid hormone goes low, which hasn’t been going on a lot lately. I have more control with my thyroid hormone by taking it every other day, or every other other day. Now that I’m on amitriptyline, I can tell definitely when I’m going hyper/hypothyroid. This medical approach has pretty much kept me VERY balanced. I don’t go low, but I don’t get hyper no more from too much of my med. :)

Our church daycare closed April14, but thankfully for GOD, I got a job as a receptionist at our local TV station. I’ll be doing designing and fiddling around with our webpage soon in the future too.

Prior to losing my past job, I had a couple of episodes that I thought were hyperthyroid episodes, but my levels showed that I was not hyperthyroid. When I lost my job and gained a new job, something happened. Final confirmation that I do in fact have bipolar disorder. I went hypomanic for a week, in response to the job loss, the job gain, and moving into our new house, all in a week’s time.

So, now I know why the amitriptyline helps keeping me from going into depression, and I know now why when certain stressors, good or bad, as well as many certain foods, put me into hypomania/made me irritated/etc. The only thing the amitriptyline does not help is keeping me from going hypomanic. BUT!…I hardly ever go into that now since I’ve been on thyroid med, reduced stressors in my life, and changed my diet.

I’m not surprised with the results, the confirmation of having true bipolar disorder. It’s common for thyroid disease patients to have such issues ranging from bipolar, anxiety disorders, irritability, etc. Bipolar disorder is due to a deficiency in serotonin from what I understand, and that can be caused by a shrinkage in your hippocampi, gastro intestinal issues (serotonin is also produced in the small intestine as well as dopamine and other neurotransmitters), or you could have issues with deficiencies in general.

Anyways, I’m glad that this case has been solved, or so I hope. Basically in short, I’m a mess. LOL BUT!…the good news is I’m doing so much better.

Like the saying goes, “I’m not where I’d like to be, but thank GOD I’m not where I use to be”.







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